Intro to My ADHD/A-Brain Blog

What Is This For?  Welcome to my ADHD/A-Brain blog.  This space is dedicated to all of you who either have ADHD, wonder if you do, or who love someone who does.  The goal is to use this space to highlight interesting research, concepts, tools/techniques, and insights/observations that I find worthwhile.  My hope is that this site may be a place for generating ideas for thought and conversation – and to build a deeper understanding and an honoring of the differences that ADHDers often experience. 

For You, The Reader:  It is my intention to try to cover a vast array of ADHD-related topics here.  Inherently, there are  many varied experiences one can have when one has ADHD – and some are directly opposed to others.  As a result of this, you may find that a particular post will speak to your experience directly or may be completely off-base for your needs.  That means nothing other than that one post connected and the other did not.  Simple.  If this happens, it does not negate anything about your experience if yours is different from one listed here.  So chuck the non-connecting post into your mental trashcan and keep the ones that you find useful.  You decide what is meaningful.  You are always the expert in You.

My Blog Disclaimer:  This blog is not a substitute for medical or mental health treatment and it is not intended to be a comprehensive resource for all things ADHD.  Instead, this is a space for me, Dr. Rebecca Romo, to share some things that I think are interesting that you might otherwise not get exposed to stemming from my experience specializing in the field of ADHD treatment.  Please discuss any issues this material may present for you with your therapist (and if I am that person, bring it into your session), another medical provider, or someone close to you – and if you don’t have any such resource at this time, I encourage you to find one.   There simply is no substitute for the benefits of healthy human connection with a Good For You Person to bring out the best in us all.

So, here goes…my first ADHD/A-Brain post!